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This I Believe
Cover of This I Believe
This I Believe
Life Lessons
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Inspiring life wisdom from people of all ages—based on the This I Believe radio program The popular This I Believe series, which has aired on NPR and on Bob Edwards' shows on Sirius XM Satellite and...
Inspiring life wisdom from people of all ages—based on the This I Believe radio program The popular This I Believe series, which has aired on NPR and on Bob Edwards' shows on Sirius XM Satellite and...
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  • Inspiring life wisdom from people of all ages—based on the This I Believe radio program

    The popular This I Believe series, which has aired on NPR and on Bob Edwards' shows on Sirius XM Satellite and public radio, explores the personal beliefs and guiding principles by which Americans live today. This book brings together treasured life lessons of people from all walks of life. Whether it's learning the power of saying hello or how courage comes with practice, their intimate reflections will inspire, move, and encourage you. Filled with the valuable insights distilled from a wide range of personal experiences, This I Believe: Life Lessons is a perfect gift—for others or for yourself.

  • Includes extraordinary essays written by "ordinary" people who share the story of an important lesson they have learned about life
  • Shares a wide range of beliefs and experiences from a diverse group of contributors, including a physician, a roller derby queen, a corporate executive, and a homeless person
  • Based on the popular This I Believe radio series and thisibelieve.org website
  • No matter what your age or circumstances, this book will give you valuable food for thought and important new insights on how others have learned from life's challenges.

About the Author-

  • DAN GEDIMAN is executive director of This I Believe,Inc., a not-for-profit organization that engages people in writingand sharing essays describing the core values that guide theirdaily lives. These short statements of belief have been featured onpublic radio since 2005. Gediman is the coeditor of the New YorkTimes bestseller This I Believe, as well as This IBelieve II, This I Believe: On Love, This I Believe: OnFatherhood and This I Believe: On Motherhood.

    JOHN GREGORY is editorial director and MARY JOGEDIMAN is outreach director of This I Believe, Inc.

Table of Contents-

  • Introduction 1

    The Power of Hello 5
    Howard White

    The Art of Being a Neighbor 8
    Eve Birch

    A Kind and Generous Heart 11
    Christine Little

    Make It Do 14
    Patricia Anderson

    Grace Is a Gift 17
    Laura Durham

    The Sisterhood of Roller Derby 20
    Erin Blakemore

    Caring Makes Us Human 23
    Troy Chapman

    Satisfaction with a Job Well Done 26
    Nancy Pieters Mayfield

    The World Is Imperfect 29
    Suzanne Cleary

    Peace Can Happen 32
    Christine Kingery

    A Priceless Lesson in Humility 36
    Felipe Morales

    Finding Out What's under Second Base 39
    Lex Urban

    Accomplishing Big Things in Small Pieces 42
    William Wissemann

    I Have to See the World 45
    Veena Muthuraman

    Deciding to Live 49
    Kij Johnson

    Walking in the Light 52
    Paul Thorn

    The Perfect Merge 55
    Lori Vermeulen

    Listening Is Powerful Medicine 58
    Alicia M. Conill,M.D.

    Semper Fidelis 61
    Andrew Paradis

    Our Vulnerability Is Our Strength 64
    Colin Bates

    Patriotic Ponderings 67
    Joan Skiba

    Opening the Door of Mercy 70
    Karin Round

    The True Value of Life 73
    Sudie Bond Noland

    An Invitation to Dialogue 76
    Madhukar Rao

    Homeless but Not Hopeless: A Man Finds His Soul 79
    Les Gapay

    The Power of Sleep 82
    Anne Hoppus

    Where Wild flowers Grow 85
    Maureen Crane Wartski

    I Could Be Wrong 88
    Allan Barger

    Everyone Is Included 91
    Catherine Mcdowall

    A Lesson I Hold Dear 95
    Kara Gebhart Uhl

    A Taste of Success 98
    Geoffrey Canada

    A Grace of Silence 102
    Andrew Flewelling

    Do Talk to Strangers 105
    Sabrina Dubik

    Finding Our Common Ground 108
    Robin Mize

    Bus Chick's Manifesto 111
    Carla Saulter

    Right Now Matters 114
    Samantha Jacobs

    Seeing with the Heart 117
    Stephanie Disney

    Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace 120
    Dani Weathers

    The Triumph of Kindness 123
    Josh Stein

    Time to Walk the Dog 126
    Betsy Buchalter Adler

    Yankee Go Home 129
    Rita Barrett

    The Courage to Change the Things I Can 133
    Mark Olmsted

    To Hear Your Inner Voice 136
    Christine Todd Whitman

    Keep It Real 139
    Rose Eiesland Foster

    Important Strangers 142
    Leslie Guttman

    My Parents as Friends 146
    Bhavani G. Murugesan

    A Good Neighborhood 149
    Jeff Nixa

    Believing in People 152
    Rebecca Klott

    Becoming Friends 155
    Larry Chaston

    Just Say No 158
    Jessica Paris

    Courage Comes with Practice 161
    Theresa Macphail

    Adapting to the Possibilities of Life 164
    Donald l. Rosenstein, M.D.

    Why Are We Here? 167
    Dale Long

    A Drive to Achieve the Extraordinary 170
    Juliet Frerking

    Inviting the World to Dinner 173
    Jim Haynes

    Finding the Flexibility to Survive 176
    Brighton Earley

    The Act of Giving Thanks 179
    Michelle Lee

    Sally's Monday 182
    Patricia James

    If You Don't Do It, Who Will? 185
    Jodi Webb

    Here Comes...


  • Publisher's Weekly

    Starred review from August 14, 2006
    In the 1950s, the Edward R. Murrow–hosted radio program This I Believe
    prompted Americans to briefly explain their most cherished beliefs, be they religious or purely pragmatic. Since the program's 2005 renaissance as a weekly NPR segment, Allison (the host) and Gediman (the executive producer) have collected some of the best essays from This I Believe
    then and now. "Your personal credo" is what Allison calls it in the book's introduction, noting that today's program is distinguished from the 1950s version in soliciting submissions from ordinary Americans from all walks of life. These make up some of the book's most powerful and memorable moments, from the surgeon whose illiterate mother changed his early life with faith and a library card to the English professor whose poetry helped him process a traumatic childhood event. And in one of the book's most unusual essays, a Burmese immigrant confides that he believes in feeding monkeys on his birthday because a Buddhist monk once prophesied that if he followed this ritual, his family would prosper. There are luminaries here, too, including Gloria Steinem, Warren Christopher, Helen Keller, Isabel Allende, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Updike and (most surprisingly, considering the book's more liberal bent) Newt Gingrich. This feast of ruminations is a treat for any reader.

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This I Believe
This I Believe
Life Lessons
Dan Gediman
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This I Believe
This I Believe
Life Lessons
Dan Gediman
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